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Fabrication and Assembly:

General Extrusions specializes in providing secondary fabrication operations to transition an aluminum extrusion to a finished component.

We have extensive in-house fabrication capabilities that include the following processes:

  • Precision Sawing
  • Mitering
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Punching / Blanking
  • Notching
  • PEM Insertion
  • Heli-Coil Installation
  • Forming
  • Assembly

All processes are completed and controlled by our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance program utilizing real time SPC data collection and inspection techniques that include: Lineal measuring devices, CMM and DCC.

Fabrication tooling requirements are produced both in-house and externally as well as being maintained by GEI personnel.

Our ability to provide a complete fabricated component to our customers reduces your lead time as well as overall aluminum sourcing costs.

General Extrusions, Inc. fabrication process

General Extrusions, Inc. fabrication process