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General Extrusions offer limitless options for OEM’s with stringent quality expectations and many different aluminum extrusion applications.

We have the ability to provide very intricate extrusions profiles in both large and small quantities.

Our ability to provide secondary operations such as: CNC machining, fabrication, anodizing, paint and assembly; simplifies your aluminum extrusion sourcing requirements.

GEI has the ability to provide design assistance for new products and offers short-run prototypes for product development requirements.

Our ability to offer less than standard dimensional tolerances may eliminate or minimize your costs for secondary machining of your aluminum extrusion applications.

From mill finish extrusions to complete component parts, including hardware and assembly, GEI can fulfill your aluminum extrusion requirements.

Blade Extrusion - General Extrusions Inc.

Erector Set - General Extrusions Inc.

Control Housing - General Extrusions Inc.

Electrical Cable Way - General Extrusions Inc.

Electronics Housing - General Extrusions Inc.

Piston Housing - General Extrusions Inc.

Pnumatic Cyclinder - General Extrusions Inc.

Retail Display - General Extrusions Inc.

Telecommunications Housing - General Extrusions Inc.

Thermal Housing - General Extrusions Inc.